Shopify eCommerce Checklist
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You are missing out on thousands of dollars in revenue because your Shopify site isn't optimized for conversions. Download the full 150-points Conversion Optimization Checklist to see why your store isn't converting and how to fix it.

At, we've worked with hundreds of online stores on eCommerce optimization.

We dug into 8 years of our experience and put all our insights into 1 checklist. That's how this in-depth, 150 points optimization checklist came about.

How do you use this?

We've designed this checklist to be used in 3 ways. There's a lot of content, so it's advisable not to try and digest it all at once. Whatever your needs, an incremental approach will likely work best.

  • As a tool for comprehensively evaluating your online store or site design
  • As a source of optimization ideas if your current strategy is stalling
  • As an aid for brainstorming solutions to specific problems, like cart abandonment for a particular product or category. If you've already identified a problem, just jump to the appropriate checklist and go from there.

It's structured in a top-down way, beginning with a general checklist that's applicable to all areas of your site before moving on to checklists for specific types of pages.

Where appropriate, we have also elaborated on checklist points. We have included more information in the "General" section because these changes tend to lead to the biggest conversions.

What's included?

  • Lifetime access and free updates
  • General e-commerce optimization checklist
  • Mobile optimization checklist
  • Homepage optimization checklist
  • Search results page optimization checklist
  • Product Pages optimization checklist
  • Cart optimization checklist
  • Checkout optimization checklist

Why should you buy this?

  • Your store isn't performing to its full potential
  • Optimization are easy-to-implemenet and require no coding
  • Lift conversion rate by an average of 22%*
  • Increase average order value (AOV) by an average of 26%*
  • Grow revenue without increasing ad spend
  • Increase customer lifetime value (LTV)

* Suggested value for your reference.

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Get an actionable Shopify conversion optimization and app audit template. Designed to help you to increase conversion rates and make more money. 30-day money back grarantee


Shopify eCommerce Checklist

0 ratings
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